Midcentury modern design in 10 essential pieces

Singulart used historical information and context from museums, experienced furniture resellers, 设计师们列出了10件体现中世纪现代设计的作品.

How states are helping residents with independent living disabilities

立足点技术公司检查了疾病预防控制中心的数据,以确定哪些州在2021年拥有最多的独立生活残疾居民, how that number has changed since 2016, and how states are helping this population live more independently. 

25 historic images of Route 66 in its early days
In celebration of Route 66's 97th birthday, 斯塔克策划了一个幻灯片,突出了这条标志性美国公路的建设和早期.
These countries have the most mobile phone users
In partnership with Visible, 斯塔克通过世界银行使用了国际电信联盟的数据来调查全球移动电话的订阅率.
States where you are most likely to hit an animal
斯塔克利用州立农场的动物碰撞研究对所有50个州和华盛顿特区进行了排名.C. by the likelihood a driver there will hit an animal.
Healthy hotspots: The 25 most physically active counties in the US
More than 100,000人在器官捐赠者的等待名单上——这里是等待时间最长和最短的人
Northwell Health与Stacker合作,利用器官获取和移植网络收集的2012-2021年患者的数据,编制了一份中位器官移植等待时间列表.
Is it time to say 'I do' to manufactured diamonds? The rise of the lab-grown diamond industry
Help Marine Toys for Tots Bring Joy to Children in Poverty
Help Marine Toys for Tots Bring Joy to Children in Poverty
(NewsUSA) - Across the Nation,41% of children in the United States live at or below the poverty level. 这些孩子在一年中的每一天都要面对障碍和艰辛,他们的父母也在挣扎……
7 nurses of color who made history
Incredible Health features seven nurses of color who made history, drawing on information from various sources.
Beyond borders: The enigmatic history and global reach of Día de los Muertos
斯塔克追溯了Día de los Muertos的历史,以及它是如何通过各种来源的采访和信息传播给全球受众的.
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Hear Pregnant and Postpartum People

Hear Pregnant and Postpartum People

(BPT) - By Wanda Barfield, MD, MPH, RADM USPHSDirector of the Division of Reproductive Health, 疾病控制和预防中心疾病控制和预防中心(CDC)听说…

Forgotten charms: 15 old-school Halloween traditions that are no longer practiced

Stacker put together a list of Halloween traditions that are no longer practiced, using historical documents, news sources, and academic research.

Upgrade your bathroom into a self-care oasis with these simple steps

(BPT) - In today's fast-paced world, 给自己留点时间,优先考虑自我照顾,变得比以往任何时候都重要. During life’s busiest moments, finding ways to escape for calm and …

Planes, Trains, and Dental Dilemmas

Don’t let tooth troubles take a bite out of your vacation fun. Plan ahead how you’ll deal with dental emergencies.

(NAPSI)—When you’re jetting away from rainy Washington for vacation, your suitcases are often filled with traveling essentials, but did you think of what you may need in case of a dental …

States with the most registered hunters

斯塔克利用美国联邦调查局的数据编制了一份拥有最多注册猎人的州的名单.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

10 groundbreaking Filipino Americans in US history

斯塔克梳理了网络,找到了10位在美国社会做出重大贡献和成就的菲律宾裔美国人.S. history.

The do's and don'ts of taking pets on the road
CitizenShipper研究了带宠物猫狗上路该做和不该做的事情, compiled from animal caretakers and travel authorities.
Help family and friends hear the cheer this holiday season
(BPT)——假日季节的一切都是关于制造回忆和与家人朋友共度美好时光. But the 44 million people in the U.S. living with untreated hearing loss may be struggling …
Helping others with mental health problems can be a way to help yourself, says author and mental health advocate J.D. Schramm.
Supporting Other People’s Mental Health Changed My Own Life
by J.D. 施拉姆(NAPSI)——我第一次听说“危机短信热线”是在我的一门战略课上,我的一个学生分享了关于这种心理健康支持服务的信息。
Surprising News About The Fight Against Polio
谈到抗击小儿麻痹症,有好消息,有坏消息,也有好消息. 好消息是,根除这种可怕疾病的努力已经进行了几十年. Back in the …
For the 35th annual National Coming Out Day, 斯塔克汇编了数据,显示年轻的LGBTQ+美国人如何拥有自己的身份.
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Toys for Tots Provides Relief to Families Impacted by Hurricane Idalia

Toys for Tots Provides Relief to Families Impacted by Hurricane Idalia

(NewsUSA) - Our Nation mourns for the communities of Northern Florida, where residents were so tragically affected by Hurricane Idalia. The Marine Toys for Tots Program recognizes that need extends …

Out-of-this-World Inventions Close at Hand

(NAPSI)—Chances are, 你不是进入过外太空的大约600人中的一员,但你仍然可以了解那些进入过外太空的人的一些产品和发现. For example, …

How plant-based diets affect sleep




How to Make a Difference This Halloween

(Family Features) This year, 你可以通过购买教育用品等礼物,为世界各地的孩子们带来改变,让万圣节不仅仅是一个节日, soccer balls, immunization supplies and more.



Most expensive October weather disasters of the last 40 years


Gaming, betting, and the mind: the psychology behind online casinos

The Game Day Casino dug into the psychological effects of online casinos, drawing from studies and experts.

Filipino Americans were invisibilized in American society—now, they're reclaiming their space and identity


Give a Personalized Gift Like No Other
(Family Features) 现在,在庆祝生日等特殊时刻,你可以把个性化的礼物提升到一个新的水平, holidays, engagements, graduations, weddings and more.
(移民拘留申诉专员办公室)移民拘留申诉专员办公室(OIDO)在此为移民拘留界提供帮助. OIDO, an independent office within …
5 natural stones that can elevate your home's design
(BPT) -行业趋势来来回回,但有一种材料经受住了时间的考验:天然石材. It's a popular choice for eager designers and consumers. From the rich, Renaissance look of marble …
10 of the best British fighters in the UFC
OLBG compiled a list of 10 of the best British fighters in the UFC. Athletes from England, Scotland, and Wales were selected based on record, UFC experience, and divisional rank.   
What drives voters? The years with the biggest spikes in voter registration
Stacker examined U.S. 人口普查数据,以找出哪些州在2022年中期选举中登记选民的比例最低,以及登记情况如何根据选票上的人而变化.